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MICA Travels are a group of family and friends that are dedicated to raise awareness of Bile duct cancer and sepsis, two illnesses that claim 1000’s of lives each year and are barely known about. I lost my wife; our sons lost their mother and many others lost a dear friend. We as group will be doing a series of endurance activities to raise money for these charities as a lasting memorial to Carol, so that our sudden loss is not in vain.

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14/214 Fells completed

Proposed Challenges

1) The Hike and Bike challenge

hike and bike


Well just a month end update of my 2022 in 2022 challenge. Its proving to be tougher than I thought both motivationally and physically. Its a slog and I have got some joint issues that I hope will not stop me, however, the sun is shining, things are starting to bloom and at least I can still move about with the aid of a few straps and potions.

Today I had to catch up both walking and bike miles so did the walk this morning, much slower than normal but I still managed to do what was needed then after lunch I went for a 25mile bike ride, I didn't think I would be able to do it but once I got into the rhythm I managed to do it. I cycled back and forwards along the railway line from end to end about half a dozen times, it was quite fun, meeting the same people walking along the line on several occasions and having a laugh each time I rang my bell to warn them that I was there. Anyway, at the end of my first month I have managed to do all tat was needed, one month done, a little worse for wear but here's to the next 11 months.

January target = 343.5 miles combined

Hike = 173.86 m

Bike = 173.81 m

Total done = 347.67 miles combined

February target = 310 miles


Well I must be bonkers or deranged at least! After signing up a year ago to walk a 1000 miles with other members of the family I managed to walk them plus a little extra. On top of this I cycled on a 20 year old bike the best part of 1000 miles as well.

So with this in mind, I have foolishly decided to do a double double in 2022, that is hike 2022 miles and bike 2022miles in 2022, making 4044 combined miles in 2022.

To be honest I don’t know if I can do it, especially as my both my feet got so badly blistered a week or so go where I had to walk the last two miles home on the sides and heels of my feet! The next morning, both my feet where so ballooned with fluid that I couldn’t do anything but puncture them and plaster them up. So slippers were the best I could put on for a few days. Worryingly this was only after two consecutive day walks of just under 8 miles each and bearing in mind I need to walk around 5.5 miles (approx. 11000 steps) and cycle 5.5 miles each and every day come rain or shine for a year to complete the challenge.

I believe the problem was a combination of the wrong socks, not tying up my shoes properly and I was already walking on already blistered feet from the first 8 mile walk the day before.

I walked nearly 20 miles in one go in the heat of the summer when I walked the Roman Rd from Haverhill to Cambridge an a little further, you may have read my story, all three parts! The only differences were I had walking boots on and not walking shoes, proper socks and a change half way through and unblistered feet.

I’m pretty good with overcoming pain, but those blistered feet and walking on heels for well over an hour. Yes over an hour to walk 2 miles! Could have bum shuffled quicker and probably should have! My calves and shins were stinging as well, come to think of it, the puzzled observing driver on seeing me hobble along the road, must had thought I’d either been on a horse all day, due to the rather bow legged stance or I had had a senior moment and trusted a fart! Either way I couldn’t care less.

So having experienced this, I am somewhat apprehensive about this challenge, but I am driven to achieve it or die trying, after all it is for a good charitable cause and more importantly in memory of my wife, my son’s mother, the sibling’s sister and a much loved friend.

Hopefully this physical journey will help blunt my emotional, mental journey that complicated grief affords you, were unfortunately, the obsession to physically push you to try and emulate the suffering my wife went through, is my nemesis. It could be classed as self-harm, and I write this down for all to read in the hope that it will shock me, but like all mental obsessions, you can’t stop yourself. It’s a bit like telling someone that drinks or smokes too much to stop.

Anyway, enough of my stuff, it’s more about what I can do to promote awareness of these two killer illnesses in the hope of saving a life as. This bit is upsetting, but it is a way of showing why I need to do this, it’s not just a walk, it’s a crusade as unfortunately, pretty much all that unfortunately get Cholangiocarcinoma and Sepsis only know about it when they are admitted as an emergency and by then it’s too late to offer the very limited treatment.  A true ticking time bomb that does not show any signs until, as was in my case, you are performing lifesaving first aid, and that I would not wish on anyone, least of all, giving it to your own wife.

So I will be trying my best to complete this personal challenge but hopefully without too many blisters, but I will need the support of you all by way of encouragement, as I know it will be tough, and with your help I’m sure it can be done, so rather unashamedly, wish me luck and feel free to kick me up the, well you know what! If you see me lagging, but not too harder a kick, as I am also cycling 2022 miles as well, so that bit will be sore as well!

Don't forget, although we are trying to spread the word and awareness, we also need to help fund research and that relies on your generosity, so if you want to be part of the journey and the support team, please donate via the donate button.

Many thanks

2) The Lakeland Fells – The Wainwrights

This requires the ascent and decent of all 214 Lakeland fells via 36 routes. Each route will between 5 and 16 miles of exposed terrain walking and climbing between 1650 and 5700 feet. In total we would have walked nearly 500 miles and climbed some 127,000 feet, driven countless miles and spent many nights away from home. No small undertaking, but given time, good health and team spirit we will conquer them all, eventually!

3) Country Walking’s 1000 mile challenge... COMPLETE

A personal pledge to walk a 1000 additional miles over and above your normal daily walking.

Members participating:

Mike Hall

Peter Hall

Jasmine Hall

Ben Hall

Jake Cole

4) The Horseheath to Cambridge Roman Road... COMPLETE

Completed - See blog post under "Walking Stories"

This a relatively short walk of around 20 miles following an ancient Roman Road from Horseheath to Cambridge taking in several points of interest at least two pubs! the infamous Gog and Magog hills and Wandlebury ring.

5) 24 Hour Gaming Challenge 27-03-2021 > 28-03-2021..... COMPLETE

Join Peter and Ryan on their stream of their 24 hour Destiny 2 gaming challenge.

Stream will commence at 10am on Saturday 27th March 2021 and finish at 11am 28th March 2021 (Due to BST change)

Follow the stream on

6) The Coast to Coast walk

This is a route from Robin hood’s bay on the Yorkshire coast of the North sea through 3 National parks, the North Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District to St Bees on the Cumbrian coast on the Irish sea totalling 192 miles. The walk will average 14.5 miles a day across barren and wild landscape and take between 12 and 15 days depending on fitness and weather. We shall have support teams providing transfers to and from start and end points and overnight stays. Depending on work commitments, we may need to split the trip up into sections, but it will all be completed from end to end.

7) The lakes of the lake district – low level short walks for poor weather

Derwent Water: a 10 mile scenic walk around the water.

Buttermere: a 4 mile circular walk.

Rydal water and Grasmere: a 6 mile circular walk

Ullswater: a 20 mile walk following the Ullswater Way.

Windemere: a 45 mile walk following the Windemere Way

Bassenthwaite: a 15 mile circular walk

Coniston Water: a 16 mile circular walk

Haweswater: a 10 mile circular walk

Thirlmere: a 10 mile circular walk

Ennerdale Water: a 6.5 mile circular walk

Wastwater: a 8 mile circular walk

Crummock Water: a 8.5 mile circular walk

Esthwaite Water: a 6mile circular walk

Loweswater: a 3.5 mile circular walk

Elterwater: a 4.8 mile circular walk

8) Lockdown Challenge - 2,000 Miles...COMPLETE

MICA Travels Lockdown Challenge

With lockdown starting we have decided to conduct a lockdown challenge.

The people in the graphic above have taken up the challenge to cumulatively, walk or cycle 2,000 miles in the 27 day lockdown period in the UK (5th November until the 2nd December)

This will be a tough challenge as we are a mixed group of people some with desk jobs and others with very active lifestyles.

Please follow our progress in our blog and donate using the link on the home page!

9) The Peak district

There are a number of peaks like Kinder Scout (2086 feet), Mam Tor (1676 feet), Win Hill (1519 feet), Thorpe Cloud (942 feet) and a low level walk around the Derwent valley Dams, approximately 10 miles, the famous reservoirs that the Dam Busters trained on.

Stanage Edge walk, a 10 mile walk along the rocky escarpment with superb views of the Derwent & Hope Valleys, Mam Tor and Kinder Scout.

The Roaches are a stunning gritstone ridge rising up from moorland to its highest point the ridge of 1,657 feet and provides spectacular views over the surrounding area and beyond, weather permitting!