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MICA Travels are a group of family and friends that are dedicated to raise awareness of Bile duct cancer and sepsis, two illnesses that claim 1000’s of lives each year and are barely known about. I lost my wife; our sons lost their mother and many others lost a dear friend. We as group will be doing a series of endurance activities to raise money for these charities as a lasting memorial to Carol, so that our sudden loss is not in vain.

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14/214 Fells completed


Posted in Coping With Bereavement by Mike Hall
two minds


Here I go again trying to explain partly for my own benefit in words a feeling that I just don’t understand and to be honest troubles me, it’s almost like I have two minds, one which controls fact, the truth of the situation and the other, fiction, that thinks it’s all just a dream. It might be just head and heart having their usual fight, but this time it’s more in the head a...

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40 miler

Posted in Cycling Stories by Mike Hall
40 miler

Well we went for a ride today while the weather was in our favour, clear blue sky but a chilly 5-7 deg less the wind chill. When the sun did bathe us, it was very welcome but unfortunately was sporadic and short lived. We did a circular, well sort of, trip to the outskirts of Cambridge and back on a mixture of roads, cycle paths and tracks including a ridiculously high foot bridge over the A11 ...

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The Charities

AMMF The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity
The UK Sepsis Trust


Posted in Coping With Bereavement by Mike Hall
deep end


I’m not sure if this is actually helping or not but for the moment I’m running with it. I seem to need to push myself into situations that I don’t want to do, but need to do, so I can feel what it is like and then make an informed judgement on which way to act.

In this case it’s about going away on my own. Some of you might think what’s so hard about that? Well in my situation, m...

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