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MICA Travels are a group of family and friends that are dedicated to raise awareness of Bile duct cancer and sepsis, two illnesses that claim 1000’s of lives each year and are barely known about. I lost my wife; our sons lost their mother and many others lost a dear friend. We as group will be doing a series of endurance activities to raise money for these charities as a lasting memorial to Carol, so that our sudden loss is not in vain.

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24 Hours of Gaming Challenge

Posted in Our Fundraising Journey by Peter Hall
Gaming Challenge

Being in lockdown makes it hard for us to do our group challenges.

So while we are all following government guidance we have to consider other ways of raising funds for the AMMF and Sepsis Trust.

I've always thought about doing a gaming marathon for charity, but have never got round to doing one. So I've decided to do something about it...

On the 27th of March at 10am myself and my friend Ryan will be conducting a 24 hour marathon challenge playing Destiny 2. I know lots of people will say playing games is hardly a challenge.

Rest assured Destiny provides many challenges, requiring a lot of focus and thought on some of the puzzles that come up in the various game modes.

We will be playing with fellow clan mates and will be streaming on Twitch (username nsrrulez)

We will be seeking donations in exchange for helping fellow players out completing certain modes within the game. Or for people creating chaos for us by selecting our loadouts.

I never thought my enjoyment of games could help us generate donations, so I am hoping all of you that read this will tune in to the stream and help Ryan and I achieve this goal.

By doing so you all help us fight our battle against Cholangiocarcinoma and Sepsis.

We can only achieve this with your help.

As we get closer to the date our stream schedule will be published as well as our stream link for all to watch and see.

Hope to see you there!