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Saturday Oct 16, 2021


Posted in Cycling Stories by Mike Hall
peak 1

Just a heads up, this is a expedition that I want to do but need to do a lot of planning. From what I have learnt from various forums is that its a tough trip and unlikely that a single battery will complete it. Hmmm, challenge accepted!

Taking my fitness into consideration, I suffer from FLOB (fat lad on bike), available daylight, support crew, in case I fall off and the fact its a long way with some monster hills on the road sections makes it a challenge.

Some may say why? Well that's the easy bit, its to try and save a life, and for the memory of my wife, the children's mum, sibling and good friend. My philosophy is "use it or lose it" what could possibly go wrong!

Seriously, plans need to be done and sponsorship needs to be obtained, otherwise its just a ride and the charities don't get the benefit. As always, the only thing we gain from this is personal satisfaction, something to write about, blisters, muscle pain and a sore ar#e!

We fund everything out of our own pockets, so any help with fund raising, support, equipment even packed lunches at the rendezvous points will be gratefully received. Our pain will hopefully be another's gain.

So I will get working on the plans, organise the team support and those that want to do such a mad thing with me.

I will post a list of things I will need help with once I have got things off the ground.

Any suggestions can be sent to:

Now does anyone have the numbers on speed dial for those responsible for the weather and how much daylight ?????

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