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Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

BREAKING NEWS! Rugfest this weekend!

Posted in News by Peter Hall

This Saturday our local Rugby club is throwing a festival, they do this every year but last year they could not do it thanks to Covid

One of our oldest friends George plays for the rugby club and he has managed to agree that any money raised from event will result in a contribution to our fundraising!

This means a lot to us all as it is one of the larger events that happens in our town.

This should help us spread the message to a wider audience and hopefully secure us some more funds to support the AMMF and UK Sepsis Trust.

If you are local to Haverhill then please do pop up to the Haverhill Rugby club.

Event starts at 12pm and is a £2 entrance fee to the festival.

There are 9 Acts throughout the day, 8 local beers and some local ciders too, there will also be a gin palace there too for the day.

Hope to see you there!


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