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Walking Stories

Wednesday Sep 8, 2021

The Roaming Roman Road -Part Two

Posted in Walking Stories by Mike Hall

This is a walk long in distance, well for me, but lacking in feature. Yes miles of flat fields pepper dusted with hamlets, farms, tufts of forested areas and the odd windmill. In the distance, iron pylons march across the skyline, like the tripods from War of the worlds, scarring the undulating gold and brown surroundings so typical of the East Anglian landscape.  Distant noise of traffic passi...

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Tuesday Sep 7, 2021

The Roaming Roman Road - Part Three

Posted in Walking Stories by Mike Hall

It was hot, I had blisters and was hungry, so the stop albeit insisted upon from the Mission Control’s was welcome. Boots were removed feet freshened up and allowed to air dry so that blister plasters could be applied.

The bench sits in the dappled shade of elderly trees which have had initials carved in their skins, and by the looks of how well the trees have healed, they have been there a lon...

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Wednesday Aug 18, 2021

Ickworth re-visited.

Posted in Walking Stories by Mike Hall
Ickworth House

Ikworth 18th August 2021

Well as promised, more rambling about my ramblings, this time I’m back at Ickworth again. This is my second solo trip out, so what! I hear you say, well it’s all about my little steps along my grief journey. Ickworth is only about 20 mins for me and despite driving past the place for so many years, it was only a couple of years ago that we actually went there, but we nev...

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Wednesday Aug 11, 2021

Ickworth House walk 11th August 2021

Posted in Walking Stories by Mike Hall

My first solo Walk away form home.

Well it’s a glorious day in Suffolk, not many hills, but still plenty of places to walk. I did a 7 mile wander around the grounds of a National Trust property. But more importantly it was the first solo walk I have done since losing my wife.

It was nice to get back in the countryside but painful that I was there on my own, so many couples just wandering hand in...

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