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MICA Travels are a group of family and friends that are dedicated to raise awareness of Bile duct cancer and sepsis, two illnesses that claim 1000’s of lives each year and are barely known about. I lost my wife; our sons lost their mother and many others lost a dear friend. We as group will be doing a series of endurance activities to raise money for these charities as a lasting memorial to Carol, so that our sudden loss is not in vain.

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14/214 Fells completed

Final fell of the first trip.... Latrigg

Posted in Our Fundraising Journey by Jasmine Hall
Latrigg Summit

Our last fell as the week drew to a close, the rain was here to stay, and as we all were a bit achy and tired, we settled on a small (but perfectly formed) walk to end the week on.

This walk was one close to our hearts, as it was one that we had done with Carol, and had a lot of fun building a snowman, and probably throwing snowballs at each other, at the top for us to see from our cottage we were staying in at the time...even though that plan failed miserably as Frosty McSnowFace was hidden behind a tree and in totally the wrong spot for us to actually be able to spot from our cottage… but at least we tried!

We parked up and navigated our way around the sludge and mud – a far cry from the crisp white snow from my memory—and started the short but relatively steep walk. There’s a bench which has a particularly impressive overview of Keswick and the full length of Derwent water, so much so has been described by Wainwright as "a panorama of crowded detail, all of it of great beauty: indeed this scene is one of the gems of the district...The far horizon is a jumbled upheaval of peaks, with many dear old friends standing up proudly.". So where better to place our next stone, in the hopes that this will see a lot of footfall, even in these winter months, and more people will be made aware of our quest!

Stone 5 Location
Stone 5 Location

We carried on up in the rain to find the peak so that we could do our final banner picture, but the description of where this point is, was somewhat less than clear, and when stood in the cold and rain, being told to look for a ‘distinctive’ tree which apparently looks like someone riding a broomstick feels more like a practical joke, than a useful instruction. Half expecting the next instruction to be to ask a local sheep to guide us there, and after much squinting and head tilting at trees, we found the summit and got our shot!

Now a very quick route march back to the warm, for tea and cake!!