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Friday Jan 1, 2021

New Year....New Challenge

Posted in News by Mike Hall
1000 Mile Challenge

For some time I have looked at doing the 1000 mile challenge, well in fact I found an old brochure from 2017 and as we all have done in the past, we put it off for another day. Well unfortunately, we never got to “another day”, so with this in mind and driven by our loss and the need to make a difference, we as a team decided to sign up for this challenge.

Scan from 2017

There are 5 of us currently that have pledged to walk a 1000 miles each over the next year. Well it sounds easy, after all its only just under 3 miles a day, every day, come rain, wind or snow, in sickness and in health for 365 days whether you want to or not, well I think you get the picture. But to be fair, it’s an hour a day of walking over and above your normal walking amount, and for that small sacrifice you will get a wonderful sense of achievement, a medal, if you do the paid version, there is a free one as well if you don’t want the medal, and the best bit, you will feel better, fitter both in mind, body and soul.

So our target is 5000 miles between us, a 1000 miles each and we are doing really well. We have been trudging streets, parks and even treadmills since January to do this, but of course all on our own so that we comply with the Covid restrictions. We are driven, because of our charitable cause and in memory of Carol, but as we have a massive bunch of endurance tasks to do over the next few years, we need to push ourselves as much as we can.

It’s not too late to sign up for the challenge, you have until 31st December 2021 to complete it, but if you prefer to monitor our progress, follow us on our web page and social media. We will be putting some type of counter on these pages so you can track our progress.

Country Walkings 1000 Mile Challenge

As always, please support our cause by clicking on our donation page, you can help us to fund research into Cholangiocarcinoma and Sepsis, two dreadful illnesses that claim so many lives and be part of our success.

Thanks as always for your support.


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