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MICA Travels are a group of family and friends that are dedicated to raise awareness of Bile duct cancer and sepsis, two illnesses that claim 1000’s of lives each year and are barely known about. I lost my wife; our sons lost their mother and many others lost a dear friend. We as group will be doing a series of endurance activities to raise money for these charities as a lasting memorial to Carol, so that our sudden loss is not in vain.

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Derbyshire here we are

Posted in Walking Stories by Peter Hall
Bakewell bridge

Hi everyone.

Its been a while, we are currently up in Ashbourne, Derbyshire gearing up to do the Mam Tor peak and Great Ridge walk tomorrow.

When we arrived we took a trip to Bakewell to the lovelock bridge where we have many padlocks there over the years. This time we attached a mica tag, in the hope curious people take a look and scan the code to find out more about our challenges and mission t...

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Outside looking in

Posted in Coping With Bereavement by Mike Hall

One of the many feelings that you have to live with when you are in the grips of complicated grief is that of isolation and withdrawal, which is further complicated by the covid pandemic where unfortunately we have been forced to keep apart and this has unfortunately played into my hands as a convenient excuse to stay in my castle.

Firstly I must reiterate that grief is a personal thing and ever...

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Posted in Coping With Bereavement by Mike Hall

The Pendulum effect……

It’s been a while since I added to my grief story, and I write these accounts not as a cry for help or to wallow in self-pity but to try explain the feelings that are felt along the journey. Most men do not share stuff like this, no doubt for many reasons, some might be because it shows weakness, some might be as they don’t need too, some might not know how too.

Well I’ve tr...

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Posted in Cycling Stories by Mike Hall
peak 1

Just a heads up, this is a expedition that I want to do but need to do a lot of planning. From what I have learnt from various forums is that its a tough trip and unlikely that a single battery will complete it. Hmmm, challenge accepted!

Taking my fitness into consideration, I suffer from FLOB (fat lad on bike), available daylight, support crew, in case I fall off and the fact its a long way wit...

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MICA Theme

Posted in Media by Mike Hall

This is a song for Carol performed by Katie Gittins, a very talented singer/song writer. The song was written to embrace the things Carol enjoyed, namely, the mountain scenery, fresh air and being immersed in the sheer beauty of nature with her family.

The song will be our theme to accompany us on our charitable endeavours. We will carry on her journey of discovery doing the same things that Car...

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